Words, sounds and pictures by Kate Carr

Transect drawing

joya part

Starting to draw the transect for the animation based on my residency at Joya arte + ecologica.

Street singing, Belfast

Finally got a draft together for my Belfast animation series.

Anchor/mooring chains, Marnay-sur-Seine

Quiet patches are when the boats are out in deep water, when the current pushes them towards the shore they get noisy.

Wetland under the power wires, Marnay-sur-Seine

The wetland under the power lines, Marnay-sur-Seine

Field recording – Nuclear power plant + sunset

Sunset at the nuclear power plant, Marnay-sur-Seine

sunet nuke

The swans who made the pond near the nuclear power plant home


Temporary wetlands, field recording site, Marnay-sur-Seine


Temporary wetland on the banks of the Seine, Marnay-sur-Seine, France.



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