Words, sounds and pictures by Kate Carr

The wind turbine recorded via large clay pots

It was super windy in Spain nearly the whole time I was there which was very good for the wind turbine, but made recording fairly challenging.

Vulture flies over

I’ve been recording a lot of wind here in Spain, but I got lucky with these wingbeats.

Taxi Madrid

I am in Spain, here is my first recording:

Playlist for the Australian National Film and Sound Archive

This is a little late to make it to the blog, but last month I put this playlist together for the National Film and Sound Archive.

Skateboarders, Paris

Made all the better by the hilarious english man complaining the whole time about them.

New album: Fabulations on Soft

This is a preview track, but you can stream the whole album here:

Berlin, first glimpse


Snake bird, Perth Australia

P1010040.jpg small

Ibis sounds in Joburg

My favourite or near to favourite birds.

South African ibis!

My favourite birds!


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