My album Landing Lights now available digitally

by k8carr

Landing Lights is about journeys big and small, from a trip to the local park to tiny islands in the Pacific and everything in between.
It is about looking up as well as down when you travel, late night outings and visits which don’t go to plan. It is about the little things that go wrong, getting locked out at night, fighting with family and being caught in the rain. It is about the chaos of the everyday, the white noise of the working week and quiet meditations on the stars. It is about fantasies of places never visited, trinkets carried from earlier trips and finally coming back to where it all began, home.

This album is released on my own label Flaming Pines.
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“Landing Lights” stands out as a compelling and thought-provoking release.” — Fluid Radio

“Conceptually, the forty-six-minute release’s focus is journeys, large and small, undertaken under daylight skies and night-time stars, but Landing Lights offers a thoroughly engrossing listening experience on purely musical grounds in the absence of such background detail, especially when its contents range so widely across the sonic spectrum.” — Textura

“Landing Lights delves deeper into the tone of travel than related discs, and benefits greatly as a result.” — A Closer Listen