Tunnel – YuJeong Eom and Kate Carr

by k8carr

I was lucky enough to meet YuJeong Eom during my artist residency in Iceland, and we collaborated on this piece Tunnels which YuJeong animated and I did the sound for. It includes music from my new album Songs from a cold place which will be out Sept 3. It is a really cute little film which is all about the tunnels which connect the small towns in parts of Iceland. The one near where we mainly stayed was a single lane, and really quite terrifying when you first had to drive through it and saw headlights heading directly towards you. But we both survived to make this piece, so all was well. The other pretty amazing thing is that on one side of the tunnel it can be howling wind and snow, while the other end may open up onto calm even sunny day. Such are the vagaries of weather over there! Anyways many thanks to YuJeong for asking me to participate in this collaboration! You can check out more of her work here: http://www.slowdream.com