My new album – Songs from a cold place

by k8carr

I’ve been quite slow in putting this up, but I’m very happy to say that Songs from a cold place, which is the album I was working on during my residency in Iceland came out earlier this month.

I travelled quite widely in the north of Iceland to capture some of the field recordings used in the album and was very fortunate to be able to be able to use the Listhus art gallery in Olafsfjordur as my base for the majority of my stay.

Here are two pieces from the album:

I met South Korean visual artist YuJeong Eom during my stay, and we collaborated on a short film incorporating some of my music and YuJeong’s wonderful animated drawings which is up on vimeo

And I’m also very fortunate that the Austrian artist Oliver Ressler has used some of the music from Songs from a cold place in his forthcoming film on the human costs of global warming.

An excerpt from Ressler’s film is here:

Big thanks to YuJeong and Oliver for their interst in my music and if after all that you are intersted in getting hold of a copy of songs from a cold place you can do so here: