Words, sounds and pictures by Kate Carr

Month: May, 2015

Hidden away dam, ólafsfjörður

P1050750.jpg a


Ice, water, ólafsfjörður

Rescue ring, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland

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The strange whirring birds, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland

Tractor glacier, Ólafsfjörður

A massive tractor clears the snow from the streets here and then sometimes just dumps it into the sea, making a fairly big sort of melting glacier type thing. This is how it sounds.

Aqua aerobics, Ólafsfjörður

Lake, Ólafsfjörður


Strange metal contraption

No idea what this is, but it sure is loud.

Whale and jellyfish mural, Ólafsfjörður

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Seagulls taking flight, ice and seaweed

A hydrophone recording where you can make out the rubbing of ice, seaweed and in the distance the tapping of seagulls’ feet as they take to the air.