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My new album – Songs from a cold place

I’ve been quite slow in putting this up, but I’m very happy to say that Songs from a cold place, which is the album I was working on during my residency in Iceland came out earlier this month.

I travelled quite widely in the north of Iceland to capture some of the field recordings used in the album and was very fortunate to be able to be able to use the Listhus art gallery in Olafsfjordur as my base for the majority of my stay.

Here are two pieces from the album:

I met South Korean visual artist YuJeong Eom during my stay, and we collaborated on a short film incorporating some of my music and YuJeong’s wonderful animated drawings which is up on vimeo

And I’m also very fortunate that the Austrian artist Oliver Ressler has used some of the music from Songs from a cold place in his forthcoming film on the human costs of global warming.

An excerpt from Ressler’s film is here:

Big thanks to YuJeong and Oliver for their interst in my music and if after all that you are intersted in getting hold of a copy of songs from a cold place you can do so here:


Tunnel – YuJeong Eom and Kate Carr

I was lucky enough to meet YuJeong Eom during my artist residency in Iceland, and we collaborated on this piece Tunnels which YuJeong animated and I did the sound for. It includes music from my new album Songs from a cold place which will be out Sept 3. It is a really cute little film which is all about the tunnels which connect the small towns in parts of Iceland. The one near where we mainly stayed was a single lane, and really quite terrifying when you first had to drive through it and saw headlights heading directly towards you. But we both survived to make this piece, so all was well. The other pretty amazing thing is that on one side of the tunnel it can be howling wind and snow, while the other end may open up onto calm even sunny day. Such are the vagaries of weather over there! Anyways many thanks to YuJeong for asking me to participate in this collaboration! You can check out more of her work here:

Fjord sounds

Made using recordings from Ólafsfjörður, Iceland.

Song from a cold place – Soundtrack made for Ears Have Ears radio program

While I was away in Iceland the experimental radio show Ears Have Ears got in touch with me to ask if I could do an original soundtrack for the show. This is what I came up with! It includes field recordings from Iceland, a new piece I made while over there and a track from my new album Landing Lights.

For more on Ears Have Ears visit:

Up, up and away with Air Iceland.

plane winga

The 30 hour journey home begins.

One of my last views of Iceland


View from Hotel Samari, which is right near the tarmac at Keflavik airport.

Buried hydrophones, Ólafsfjörður

It took a while to get a decent version of this recording as it was either too loud or too quiet. But this one is quite nice. The sound of the waves and pebbles as recorded from underneath them, by hydrophones buried in the sand.

Window view, Hotel Rekyjavic

reky hotel
Grey grey Rekyjavic!

Hotel Reykjavic

After being delayed by an avalanche I have now made it back to Reykjavic and will leave Iceland on Friday. It is a rainy grey day, but today I have bought myself a icelandic musical instrument called a langspil, this is me playing it in my hotel room.

Small birds in a snow storm, Grimsey Island

A field recording taken at the uninhabited north western edge of Grimsey Island. Lots of small birds chirruping away as a monster snow storm set in.