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Playlist for the Australian National Film and Sound Archive

This is a little late to make it to the blog, but last month I put this playlist together for the National Film and Sound Archive.


New album: Fabulations on Soft

This is a preview track, but you can stream the whole album here:

Soon to be on a trip

I’m off on a really huge trip soon to South Africa and Australia, but before I go I’m trying to get a few more recordings of Belfast for a project I’m working on.
Here is a light post in a fairly stiff breeze.


I live near lots of cows at the moment and this is what they sound like, snorting, huffing, urinating and stamping. I really like them 🙂

Wire in the wind on the coast of Dunquin, Ireland

Dog swimming after a duck

Recorded with a hydrophone at Knockbracken Reservoir, Belfast.

Overheard in Doi Saket – out on 3Leaves now.

It has been quite a while since I’ve been in Thailand, and I must admit living in Belfast makes the country feel very far away, but I’ve turned all the recordings I took over there into an album called Overheard in Doi Saket, which the 3Leaves label based in Hungary have very kindly released for me.
The album really is all about listening in a new place, stabs of music through the undergrowth, guitar caught between the roar of scooter traffic, insects, the fish of the dam, dogs, birds and of course the sounds of people. It is based a lot more on field recordings that my other releases, or perhaps it is more accurate to say it has fewer instrumental sounds, and I’m sure I will always like it because it will remind me of a very special place, and a pretty full on time just before I packed up everything and moved from Australia to Belfast.

You can get a copy of it here
And an excerpt from the album is below:

While I was in Thailand I also made a sound map of Doi Saket, which is something of an accompaniment to this release, which can be found here:

In corridors a thousand years old

Some new sounds, based on recordings taken in various churches in Marseille, France.

Sound art in Barcelona

I’m going through a bit of a new phase with my sound work, and doing more abstract pieces. This piece is comprised of field recordings I took while in Barcelona a few weeks ago. It was my first trip ever to that amazing city.

Paris, winter/spring tape out on Twin Springs Tapes

I’ve got a new release out over at Matt Barlow’s excellent boutique cassette label Twin Springs Tapes.

It is taken from a recent trip I made to Paris on the very last day of winter, and the first day of spring. I had to go there as I needed to re-enter the UK to start my visa, but it was amazing to witness the transformation of Paris at this the very start of both the warmer months and of course the massive tourist season.