Words, sounds and pictures by Kate Carr

Whale and jellyfish mural, Ólafsfjörður

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Seagulls taking flight, ice and seaweed

A hydrophone recording where you can make out the rubbing of ice, seaweed and in the distance the tapping of seagulls’ feet as they take to the air.

Mural, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland

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The seagull feed station near the fish factory

I’ve surmised, perhaps incorrectly, that when a trawler comes in it is unloaded immediately to the fish factory, and shortly afterwards a low pumping sound announces that loads of fish guts will soon be ejected into the harbour. This is the gulls feasting on all these fish gut type items. The permanently hang out at the vent which delivers them to the harbour waiting for just such a time as this.

Ice rubbing on rocks, and seagulls taking off

Taken with hydrophones in ólafsfjörður, near the fish processing plant.

Two recordings from an abandoned ski field

I climbed a big mountain, and an old ski lift tower to get this contact mic recording of the cable for the ski lift. Really very scary but amazing.

Contact mics attached to ice, which in turn is attached to a fence

This is the mics attached to ice, as opposed to the fence, quite a different sound.

Between two boats

A four channel hydrophone recording taken between two trawlers, one making a low slapping sound, the other a high leak. You can also hear a trawler being unloaded by a small fixed crane in the background, and some gulls.

Iced fence – Iceland sound diary

I’m in Iceland over the next month. I will keep a little sound diary here:

Street singing, Belfast

Finally got a draft together for my Belfast animation series.